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Primary Services

· Litigation Support

· Intellectual Property Rights Protection
· Due Diligence
· Market Surveys & Analysis
· Employment Screening Services
· Fraud & Corruption Enquiries
· Vendor Screening

· Corporate Ethics & Social Accountability Programs

· Grey Market Analysis & Consultation
· Asset Tracing
· Database Research
· Insurance Enquiries
· Internet Research (English & Chinese character searches)
· Integrity Checks
· Mystery Customer
· Brand Placement Examination & Brand Intelligence Research Programs


· To preserve integrity with all clients as they are our best marketing tool

· To provide quality service to quality clients.

· To undertaken only assignments that are realistically achievable.

· To be sensitive to each client’s requirements, concerns and deadlines.

· To ensure client confidentiality is preserved at all times.

· To understand fully the client’s needs, be provided with all necessary confidential data to ensure best results are achieved.

· To cover the written objectives and not to deviate, without approval, in other areas.

· To submit to clients written reports that are factual, easy to read and incorporate pertinent attachments.

· To refrain from using any information generated at a specific client’s expense to generate work from another existing and /or potential clients.