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Primary Services

 Litigation Support

 Intellectual Property Rights Protection
 Due Diligence
 Market Surveys & Analysis
 Employment Screening Services
 Fraud & Corruption Enquiries
 Vendor Screening

 Corporate Ethics & Social Accountability Programs

 Grey Market Analysis & Consultation
 Asset Tracing
 Database Research
 Insurance Enquiries
 Internet Research (English & Chinese character searches)
 Integrity Checks
 Mystery Customer
 Brand Placement Examination & Brand Intelligence Research Programs

This type of operation deals with products which are distributed to destinations outside of Asia, which are in turn diverted to Asia and could possibly affect the clients distribution network and retail pricing. 

From information provided by client (criteria data such as pricing, quantities, markets and pertinent information). Dialogues are established with target traders worldwide and if required PCL can arrange the purchase of products for clients evaluation. 

On going programs focus on monitoring & identifying the source of undeclared / unauthorized over production, disposal of rejected goods (seconds), shipment to unauthorized geographic markets/ unauthorized individuals (sometimes terminated manufacturers or vendors).